Live Music | RUST

Live Music

Originally Rust started out as a live venue and concerts remain a vital part of the house with live music every Friday and Saturday and often also on other weekdays.


The Rust live scene is primarily characterized by upcoming or alternative acts. Mostly within less commercial styles of music, predominantly indie rock, electronica and hiphop. But most kinds of music find their way onto the roster.


Now superstars like Rufus Wainwright, Bloc Party, and Stereo MC's have played at Rust early in their career. 


And we continue to break new artists, both foreign acts (who often play their first Danish show at Rust) and local bands from around the Copenhagen area.


For further info on live music, click "Kalender" (ie. concerts) in the main menu. Here you will find the complete live listing with dates, showtime, and admission prices. 


The band descriptions are in Danish, though, but through the links you will be guided to the artist's Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube etc. If presale tickets are available for the show there will also be a direct link to the tickets.


Photo credit: Jon Bjarni Hjartason